Temples and towers


Of Time and Form

Our life and time consist of forms and their energy, and of the mutual impact of the entire association, in which we are involved as well.

I believe that the energy of every building, object and food influences each individual but also the whole association. I believe that a human being is not only what he consumes, but equally how he consumes, and by whom and how the consumed item was made. It is perhaps easiest to explain this with the example of food. We all know some kind of food that is best when prepared by, say, our mother. Whoever else tries to produce the same, it is never quite so good. Or another example – various people may be provided with the same ingredients, the same recipe, and still every one of them produces a different dish. Why do I use the example of food here? It is time to realise that our food does not only consist of the daily bread on our table, but also of art, music, cinema, literature and certainly architecture. And it is not just the matter of form and functionality, we must also consider the mutual impact and energy of the forms. We are what we consume. It is time to understand that we invest our every word, thought and creation with an enormous amount of power, and it is important what this power contains.

Since the beginning of time the humankind has used, either consciously or subconsciously, a combination of highly regular forms in order to maintain and enhance their energy. For example a conical tent or a tepee, basically a combination of a circle and a triangle (or rather of a cone). The circle, and even more the sphere, is the most energetic symbol. Take, for instance, a nest. What a perfect form in its simplicity. But then everything simple is unrivalled.

What is the genius in architecture? Is it a studied skill to lay out lines on paper so that they would constitute a form, a house, whatever? I don’t think so. It is well known that we admire something in nature more. Is it only for the outward beauty? Again, I don’t think so. I believe that certain divine or creative energy has a role here, which some creators can include in their work, and others cannot. Is this a touch of genius? Possibly. In my opinion this is nothing to do with genius, but with our essential being that most of us have lost in the course of our daily struggle, a wild-goose chase. Some creators have just managed to get closer to their origin. I don’t know whether it is peculiar or normal, but the fact is that those who have come close to the primary source, begin to appreciate the primal forms, the golden section and simplicity, and take into consideration the mutual impact of perfect forms on energy that is transferred on to people who live in the buildings created by such people, and the association surrounding these buildings. Be it an urban space or some other association.

I had in mind here Vilen Künnapu, architect and creator. I have seen his development at least over a decade. It is strange to see how a talented man, long involved with earthly values, turns into a creator in the best sense of the word. I am going to freely express my personal opinion here. The work of this particular architect has always, throughout his creative years, balanced on a strange boundary, which is and equally is not quite human. Until at a certain moment, who knows precisely when, a change took place in him. I personally think that it happened when Vilen finally understood his role in this world, and what he is able to do – convey the Creator’s energy to people. Not anyone can put creative energy into his work that would influence people and improve their surroundings purposefully. All forms naturally have an impact on man, plus those involved in creating such forms. Just like all colours, sounds and environments. However, it is clear to us that performing a piece of music, for example, does not need to be more perfect in order to be more enjoyable. It is essential whether the author manages to put something of himself into his work, something nourishing, or whether he fails to do that. Vilen has a special gift, and I’m not afraid to say this here, to convey in his work in whatever form, something that is familiar to us and takes us forward. It is especially obvious in his designs of places of worship and his completed work. The house with towers on Narva road, for instance, has a fascinating effect. Standing close to that building you can feel how the energy around it has become more pure and mobile. Vilen’s works contain an energy that is impossible to explain. Part of his work also reveals the impact of his colleague and friend Ain Padrik. In the course of time, however, Vilen’s original touch, his unique easily recognisable energy has become more evident. The truly weird thing is that even the completed buildings become increasingly better in accordance to how their author is changing. An excellent example is the Methodist Church in Narva road in Tallinn. The form was good from the start, but the energy of the building only began improving when Vilen changed, was awakened. After that the house started emanating impulses, altering the energy around it, because the steeple is seen from afar. This means that the creator can change his creation according to his development as he will maintain contact with his work, just like a mother with her child.

All Vilen’s towers, especially the Tartu Tigutorn (Snail Tower), are like lighthouses. Tigutorn is a true revelation. I am very fond of it. I have also seen things that he still has on paper. One better than the other. The most recent exhibition of Vilen, together with his son, exuded spirituality and creative energy. The Viimsi Tower was especially remarkable. Indeed. In order to influence people and the space around them, big things are needed – even if they are small.
I would like to mention again the fact that the Creator is inherent in everything we do. In our daily doings and the surroundings, and naturally inside us and in our thoughts. Therefore I hope that there will be more people around us who know their role, their task and take their daily activities and thoughts seriously, and help with their attitude and work to improve the human race and the world around them. The Creator is equally present in the big and the small.

Ursula Liblikas