Temples and towers



Between 2006 and 2007 I was professor of liberal arts in the department of philosophy at Tartu University. In my lectures I tried to examine the phenomenon known as spiritual architecture. In addition to an overview of my work over the past four years I talked about my trips to Egypt, Italy, USA, Russia and Taiwan. I also presented my own thoughts about art, science and religion, and described my vision of the near future of our planet. The launch of this book would also be the final event of the lecture series. The book contains some new projects, completed works and co-operation projects with architect Ain Padrik and some works by my students associated with the spiritual tendency. I asked Ursula Liblikas to write the introduction – she is a sage and clairvoyant whose powers and experience I admire most sincerely. Instead of the CV I found in my desk a jolly letter of recommendation by Jaan Elken, titled “Proposal”. Professor Marco Casagrande from the Tamkang University in Taiwan kindly offered his opinion about the book as well.

The book is trying to describe the fantastic parts of the world where I have been during the last few years. The sketches, plans, photographs and photo montage might be able to convey that inexplicable, enormous, positive association that has come to life after a long sleep. Some clarification is hopefully gleaned from three articles published in the timeless newspaper “Epifanio” – “The Nature of Architecture”, “Encounters with Power” and “The incredible adventures of the White Ball on Planet Eart”. With my geometrical objects I want to say that everything is vibrating in the universe, everything is alive. Everything is connected with everything, everything is one. Temples and towers are constructed in a way to enhance the spread of high-frequency cosmic energy. The main thing, however, is that we should not block ourselves with negative thoughts about the common field of the Universe. Only when raising our inner vibration of goodness, can we get the sacred geometrical object in our service.

The temples and towers are based on the golden section, sacred geometry, ancient myths and eternal archetypes.

I am profoundly grateful to all whose energy is reflected in this book. Armin Valter, Taavi Kaldaru, Irina Tammis, Tiina Randviir. I thank my work partner Ain Padrik, without whom none of the large buildings would have materialised. I thank my brother Edgar, whose alert sense of a scientist has often guided me to the correct sources. But most of all I would like to thank my wife Liivi, who stayed bravely by my side throughout all these difficult years of change. I than my son August, whose superb talent and cosmic wisdom have been a great support and model to me. I thank my friends Toivo, Arne, Tuuli, Tarmo, Hardi, Joosep, Ants, Martin, Kari, Tiivi, Helen, Heie.

I apologise to everybody whom I have hurt in my life.

I thank the University of Tartu for the honour bestowed on me.

Vilen Künnapu