Vilen Künnapu

Architect and artist, born in Tallinn in 1948.

Graduated from the Estonian Academy of Art in 1971.

He is the author of numerous remarkable buildings, together with architect Ain Padrik has won many awards at international competitions (Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi, Finland, 1984; West Coast Gateway, Los Angeles, USA,1988; Marja-Vantaa planning, Finland, 1992).

From 1992 works at the company Künnapu & Padrik together with Ain Padrik (Estonian Methodist Church, 1994; Hotel Radisson SAS, 1999; Viru Centre, 2004, all in Tallinn and Snailtower in Tartu, 2008).

He has published books about art, life and architecture:
1999 – Künnapu & Padrik. Selected works
2001 – Across the Red River
2007 – Temples and Towers
2010 – Place. Image. Energy
2015 – Art, architecture, revolution

Künnapu has participated in many art and architecture exhibitions with sculptures, models and public space installations (Taiwan Design Expo 2005, Venice Biennale 2006, 2008, London Festival of Architecture, 2010). 

Has been a guest lecturer at universities in Scandinavian countries, Great Britain and Switzerland. Was professor of philosophy at Tartu University 2006–2007. He is currently professor of architecture at the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and composition at the Institute of architecture and urbanistics of TTÜ. He is co-owner of the company Künnapu & Padrik.

V. Künnapu is freelance painter and constantly participates in exhibitions.


Selected exhibitions:

2010 – DIALOGUE. Hobujaama gallery with Mare Vint, Tallinn
2012 – Personal exhibition. Draakoni gallery, Tallinn
2013 – Personal exhibition PAINTINGS, Tartu
2016 – Personal exhibition ART, ARCHITECTURE, REVOLUTION, Museum of Estonian Architecture, Tallinn

Selected group exhibitions:

1986 – MODERN REDUX, Grey Art Gallery, New York
1988 – WEST GOAST GATEWAY, Aerospace Museum, Los Angeles
1989 – STRUCTURE AND METAPHYSCS, Taidehalli, Helsinki
1991 – 11 CITIES, 11 NATIONS, with Tõnis Vint, Leenwarden, Holland
2013 – Spring exhibition at Tallinna Kunstihoone
2014 – Spring exhibition at Tallinna Kunstihoone
2015 – Spring exhibition at Tallinna Kunstihoone
2015 – MASTER AND MARGARITA, Pärnu City Gallery
2016 – Spring exhibition at Tallinna Kunstihoone
2016 – LABYRINTH, Pärnu City Gallery